MedAssistInternational Ltd

LLC "MTDC-NT" provides a range of services to insurance companies throughout the Russian Federation, covering all stages of settlement of losses ranging from fixing the Insured to serve in hospitals under the insurance program to provide documents for the implementation of insurance payments. Medical staff consists of highly qualified staff. The company ensures a high level of organization of health services to the insured persons in Moscow and Russian regions. The medical service is in a contractual relationship with more than 5000 medical institutions 

State license of the series LO-01 number LO-77-01-001171 from 17.03.2009 for providing medical services, and experienced staff will allow us to provide medical assistance for programs "Trusted doctor (The office physician)", "Personal doctor", "Personal VIP doctor» and implement the pre-trip and post-trip medical examination. 

Currently MTDC-NT is one of the most reliable and experienced assistance companies not only on the scale of Russia and the CIS, but also in the international market. 

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